Honest question -Why does Riot games take so long to implement features?

Lets have a constructive conversation . First of i will like to start with this http://forums.euw.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=1788459 its a thread from 2014 he mentions stuff that have still have yet to see after 2 years , Riot games is all about skins, champions and e-sports when it actually comes to fixing the issues that we all obv see and get annoyined by they are so slow to fix issues or implement stuff someone would think that with all the money they make new features should come fast right?(1.6billion$ as in 2015) nope think again , for me that is incompetance . (keep on reading lel) There are small devs team that make good games in 2-3 years Riot games a huge corp giant with tencent backing them takes 2-3 years for a single feature let that sink in for a moment . Valve is a huge company as well but they only have 1/3 of their dev power for dota 2 and still have way more features that league has also dota was released back in 2013 and they did a game overhaul within 2 years of it releasing also valve has other stuff to worry about as well . Dont get me wrong this is not a dota 2 vs lol arguement, we want better we deserve better i say those things because i love league been playing it for 5 years.Riot games have only a single product that is league development should be lighting fast. Riot promised us they would be transparent about things that never happened. I have made some threads in the past talking about sandbox mode like 2 years ago in this thread i got hate from players , people where saying league is fine it does not need a sandbox mode when riot made a statement tho saying that sandbox is low on their priority list people where outraged. Point is people should demand stuff you pay for skins you pay for champions loot boxes most of you have prolly spend more than 100 $ or euros in microtransactions including my self we deserve better. ( you can find how much you have spend in league btw if you make a support ticket and asking how much you have spend ) Cheers everyone <3
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