My League of Legends Experience

I am sure this is a topic that a lot of older players have talked about. For me, the easiest way I can relate to the experience I have with League of Legends is comparing it to a long lasted relationship. I'll talk from my perspective, I hope people that have played for a while can relate to this. **the date part** I heard about this game from a friend, I had never played a MOBA game before, the art, the lore, just everything was new and really interesting to me. I played free week champions and even though I was terrible, it was fun. Shen came on the rotation and I liked him so much, he was the first champion i bought with my IP and played consistently. I loved the challenge of learning different champions and their abilities, how to use them, and how to play the map. The road to level 30 was a grind but it was worth it, because everything was available to you. **early years** The more I played the more I improved, I watched pro players and got tips from them. I got a grasp of meta champs and surely my pool was increasing. At this point, League of Legends was the only game I played and it never got boring. I have never liked seriousness in games, therefore ranked has always been something I have somewhat avoided. While playing, I met new friends that I still talk to frequently. It was often exciting and sometimes frustrating but I couldn't help but confess I was in love with playing League of Legends. **mid years** Over time, the game got progressively bigger and more people joined the community. I don't know a single pvp game that has doesn't have a certain level of toxicity within it's community, however the increase in toxicity was noticeably higher, to a point where rather than being supported by your team, you are heavily criticized to put it lightly. These actions only began to bother me when I saw how it affected other people that were targeted with names and empty threats. The game that I so wonderfully enjoyed, had turned a little sour, and the game became less about fun, and more about playing well consistently to avoid being a target. However I stayed because I could still see beauty in the game, and it was an incredibly satisfying game when playing well. **late years** League of Legends is massive. Voices here and there about how people want the game, 'This is OP, this is useless, buff this, nerf this, new champions, oh nerf that, damn not that much' and repeat for the next new champion. It is to my understanding that imbalance is the key to a successful MOBA, it creates an ever changing meta which keeps consumers on their toes and keeps them engaged in the game, which League of Legends does absolutely perfectly. One thing I have noticed that I personally do not approve of is how much the game is revolved around high damage and fast fights. There was something beautiful about each champion having a role, being solely dedicated to one purpose in their team, an example would be how an Alistar could soak up tonnes of damage (phreak voice) and rely on his back line to provide a considerate source damage. I feel as though with damage increases to so many items and champions, it has created this meta where fights are much faster than they used to be, and pretty much any champion can have a high burst potential making it all the more frustrating for the squishier champion. It has created a meta that punishes mistakes much much more than before, and negates outplay potential, which after all is one of the most satisfying parts of the game. At the very least, it has stroked fear upon people willing to take risks based on the detrimental consequences if it was to go wrong. After growing tired of being absolutely obliterated in a fraction of a second, I decided to take a break. The art and the lore that engaged me into this game had all been 'refreshed' or just removed. Everything I personally loved about this game had been shadowed by the reality of what this game actually is now, and I cannot see it getting much better, because how riot wants to pursue the game is clearly not something that I am interested in any longer. I am not saying this is a bad game, a broken game, or that you shouldn't play it, this game is absolutely fine, it is just different, and I personally do not feel that I enjoy it. **the end** After a short break, I sometimes think about the old times I'd had on League of Legends, it's incredibly difficult to let go of something that you have dedicated a lot of time to, especially when you cannot stop thinking about the great memories I'd had on it. I recently came back to it, just to sort of test the waters and see if there was that spark I needed to get back into it. Unfortunately it only took a couple of games for me to quickly remember why I left. The route that League of Legends is going I am sure is great, I can see why people would enjoy it and be excited about it, maybe if I hadn't played previous versions, I may have enjoyed it more. I still watch the LCS games, it is still incredibly entertaining, but I cannot play it because I can't let go of the way it used to be. This is simply my experience of League of Legends, hopefully somebody can relate, I tried to relate it to a relationship like I said. Any other good games I could try out? Feelsbadman. TLDR- Used to like it, now I don't, game is still good though.
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