I don't understand how people fall for this Prestige Point mess

It's complete trash. I don't understand how people can defend such an extreme moneygrab. These skins doesn't say ''I've put lots of effort into getting this skin''. It says ''I have alot of money''. Nothing **prestige** about that. ''But you also get skins for the $150 price, you don't only get the Prestige **CHROMA**!'' (Because let's not forget. It's not a skin itself, it's a glorified chroma for an already existing skin) Yeah true. But the skins you get are RANDOM. You're buying completely random skin **SHARDS.** For this extreme price, you're not even guaranteed the skins you want. Having to buy $150's worth of random content for a chroma is a **ripoff**. It baffles my mind that people defend this.
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