Keyboards, Mice and and Micepads, present your Weapons Ladies and Gentlemen!

^^ Title ^^ I will start: * **Keyboard:** Razer Deathstalker * **Mouse:** steelSeries RIVAL (white) * **Pad:** SteelSeries QcK mass (11.2x12.6) Technicalities aside, I like the look of the white-encased mouse on the black mousepad :-) Also, I set the illuminated logo on the mouse to a sickly-dark-green, matching the backdrop illumination of the keyboard. When I turn off the lights the entire setup is just a fest for my eyes =) ---- Here is a pre-formatted copypasta to put in replys: >\* \*\*Keyboard: \*\* >\* \*\*Mouse: \*\* >\* \*\*Pad: \*\*
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