I have the best neighbors ever (pegi 18)

I just sneaked to a bar because i didn't get a permission to drive to another town to drink with my pals (my gf was like no, fak to you and fak to your face, you no get to use my car) Then i sneaked to a bar after she fell asleep, played some slot machines and drank and sang some karaoke, then took a taxi to get home. Then i was all like fakdis, i don't have anything to drink here (because you can't buy alcohol from stores after 9pm) I went to my neighbor and rang his doorbell and told him "i just got home, nothing to drink, can you save my night pls" And he's all like "yea sure man, here's some beers, take some whiskey" and i'm like holy shit, this wouldn't've never happened in my previous apartment's neighbors. Then i realized dafuq i don't have any cigarettes, but it would be super rude to go there and ask him that , so i decided to go for another neighbor. Rang her doorbell and described my problem, she's like "ofc , i have a full pack and this one pack that has 10 cigs, you have this one ok" And i'm all like happy boy there, thanks. Bestenested neighbors season '15
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