Second chances

Dear Riot, I have played this game in total for maybe over 5000 hours. In these hours I have done incredible things in games, but also made lots of mistakes. One of which being flaming. I was a toxic person in the past. Suffice to say I moved on from being toxic a long time ago. I have become what I am today. I moved from this account to my new account. Currently standing in diamond has taught me lots of things. Its been a while since I have looked back at the past, at the person I once was. Having done that I don't regret the things I have done, I embrace it. It has thought me more than I had wished it did. When I one day logged in and noticed that a pop-up message blocked me from clicking "Play" I was very confused. Quickly I understood what had happened to my account; I was permanently banned. What this meant was that I could no longer play on the account which I grew up with. Having lost all friends I made on the path was hard at first. I can still remember some names in a very abstract form. I have never believed in punishments. Now I am having second thoughts. I believe the ban has helped me a great deal. It helped me manage my confidence and has actually improved my game plan. I am glad that I am not that person anymore. It has been a couple of years since my ban. A permanent ban might not always be the perfect solution. For me it has helped. For others it might not. I have tried my best to be better, I am still trying to this day to be a better person in the game, but also in real life. The game has taught me a bunch and my only wish now is to have a second chance and to be able to log in to what once was my past. I am asking for a second chance, one I might still not deserve, but can not stop fighting for. Greetings, RosminiH
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