How elo hell works

Bronze: The one everyone thinks is the true elo hell but it's so easy to get out of that it's not. Silver (i.e the one I'm in): The true elo hell where it isn't realy hard to get out of but all the trolls, flamers and people that think there good live. Gold: The place where one can meat some decent people. Plat: The place where everyone is cocky and makes one want to punch your screen cause there not as good as there rank they just had the game since season 2. This is somehow worse than gold. Diamond: You have finally exited elo hell and this is where the actual good people are (even if all they do is play adc and right click). Master: If someone sees you, you get a friend request. Challenger: You are now a god in the lol community, even {{champion:136}} think you are better than him. But...,q_80/f_auto/v1/gameskinny/resized_1a133d3d733185f6e63f5db425e1cbd6.jpg
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