Life of a toplaner

Concerned toplaner here. Why when your toplaner gets hard camped by enemy jungler nobody bats an eye and gives a damn and if you type anything they would just shush you up. While when you get ganked and your own botlane doesn't, they tilt, don't want to play, better jungler wins etc. Why is it like this? Why does botlane act like little kids when it comes to ganking, it often feels like if your bot isn't ganked once in a game or if it isn't ganked less than enemy jungler ganks , they will tilt, open bot and lose on purpose. When your toplaner is playing 1v2 top, nobody really cares because 'botlane always has priority' but when you get 2v1 it's a lost game even if you are fed, because your adc doesn't want to play against enemy fed adc or is tilted because it feels like our support is afk or support is playing well but adc is 'really bad so she won't support him'. It's like playing with babies non stop and it's really annoying. This gives toplane non value like always. When your toplaner is fed they have to play against enemy team and their own, but when bot is fed everyone has to shut up and defend their adc at all costs.
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