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So i have likely 4 keys, and only 1 chest i can earn yet because ... , i keeped get fragments but haven't did S on champions ,from a skill level is harder to achieve S grade on most of champions even if you play decent ranked , which means that's somehow unfair of what Riot should calculate people to get S on champions ... , if a bronze does 30/06/5 easy in low elo ,that dosn't mean the standards of how people should play that champion should be that big ... ,just saying i mean chests should be a reward for people who have skill , not for people who have no oponents... How i come to this conclusion , i never played ranked flex , played with some friends which were placed low ranked tier in flex... , so i had no problems to do S there... , when i play normal games or solo/duo is so hard to do S grade sometimes that is kinda annoying... , a balance should be there... Also i have notice as i touch lv 3 ... , 3 key fragments ,what i can do with 3 key fragments when i already had 3 keys and 0 chests... , is really weird... , somehow the game should balance your number of keys or chests you need.. On events you are able to spend event points on key fragments... ,but there aren't chests to spend event points on , i mean normal chests who need keys , not orbs... , would be cool like a normal chest for 50 event points in future if people really need that.

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