Season 6: By far the worst IMO!

**[TFW you don't know what topic to use]** This season has been the most frustrating to me and maybe the worse in terms of gameplay experience and even tournament experience(LCS/LCK etc). "Why?" Well here are the reasons: ** [Gameplay]** -The _**community**_ seems to be worse every new season! People want to "open mid" at 5 mins, ragequi for everything, have toxic behaviour over anything and everyone! I have been banned 2 weeks last season and i've learned myself and improved my behaviour but damn this is going far! Plus i've never heard about "open mid" until this season! -**_Changes to the game_**.. I miss the old jungle items, the _**WARDS!**_, oh boy so many things riot did wrong imo.. from feral do devourer to bloodrazor, why? because you can't find a item close to those that pro players will use in competitive play? Because they old one weren't balanced? Well i must say the game is really balanced at the moment _Kappa_ i have many more changes that i thing they were wrong but sincerely with so many players come many different opinions. -**_DynamicQ_**.. even tho it allows us to play with more friends i miss the old soloq where you almost had to fight for your wanted role, even tho you Q for your 2 prefered roles you still have chances to be trolled but i guess it improved on that part. One of the bad things, getting 3/4 premades when your playing solo even 2 but by the look of our community(EUW) i always expect flamers that will just blame me for anything if they aren't doing well or if i am not doing well, as a jungler main the pain is felt almost everygame. "Anotha one" is getting people being boosted by their smurf friends! fun right? - The _**balance**_ and _**meta**_.. it's mostly sad to see that to climb really well you literally have to play meta champs aka embrasse the meta slave spirit. the best part on that point is the feeling that is riot making you to play those specific champs. I mean you don't need to rly use meta champs to climb, it's soloq after all but nowadays if you have 2/3 meta champs in your team and if everyone use them well you amost have a 100% win chance. It seems like riot is looking a lot into competitive play which most people will think it's fine but imo it isn't funny. I remember back in season 3/4 even tho i was a bronze/silver player i didn't care much about meta i didn't even knew the term LOL but in s5 where i started paying attention to patch notes just to see if a champ i liked was buff/changed like Kha'zix was in season 4 after being nerfed from mid and went into jungle and then back to a completely useless champ almost better being deleted tbh. **[Tournament experience]** - This season i haven't watched more then 5 intire LCS/LCK etc games. Everytime i am about to watch the same champs are there, the _**META**_ champs! Season 3/4 were so great to watch the events i would literally watch when i could even when it was on school time and now? I don't watch anything. Boring boring boring or should i use the meme ResidentSleeper? Not even the "fun events" or the non LCS/LCK etc events like MSI - All star .. if i watch any Worlds games it will probably from team i either im excited to see since i follow some foreign players and im expecting to see how they perform on the biggest stage or i will watch the korean vs korean final which might be close this year unless one of the korean team actually comes with superpowers and swipes it as the past seasons. By this i am not trying to say that i am not climbing because i always get bad teammates in everygame i lose, i've got carried by random people, i've been a bad teammates a lot as well and i've managed to carry a lot of games as well. But this season was so frustrating to me in almost everything, honestly the reason why i keep playing ranked games and not normal games is because normals game solo aren't fun so i just queue for ranked where i'll either enjoy a good won game or even a good lost game where everyone tried but the enemy lpayed better, i can enjoy that. About the tournaments stream i am honestly not watching any games, i would actually search a random streamer on twitch or a more known one just to get some fun while watching. A thing lcs isnt giving to me past splits. The new crafting system is good imo but i sometimes i have to wait more then 1 month to get a fragment key! I know people who have almost 10 chest to open.. **League has been downgrading for me, thats my point here.** {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}}
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