I managed to get myself to D3... but it just feels no good. :(

First off, I have mostly just played solo, tho a few duos here n' there. I been stuck in plat 4-2 during most of this season, but a month ago ish, I managed myself to D5. And after that, at D5 I got to D4, and games just felt really...smooth to play. I usually play these 'easy' champions, that players usually call it. I have been very successful with playing Soraka, and she was the champion I used to manage getting into D5. After that, I find playing Janna is great as well when the adc's are better. And in this plat and low diamond games, I usually did good in lane, like, I put a lot of pressure, I do a lot. So, I managed to get myself to D3. And I was really happy. But it is obvious how much more mechanically skilled all of a sudden the players are, in my team and enemy team. I get to play against D4-D2 players. But like. Now. I feel like I'm really... maybe struggling to 'do more'. I don't feel I'm as skilled as these players, like I'm behind. :( And I cannot win lane anymore. I just play really safe and I don't feed. Like, I rely so much on my teammates. And then I guess, I must be lucky. Because I still win my games. I'm on a win streak. Like I don't even know how... I dunno, I just feel a lack of confident playing ranked, tho I still enjoy it. Even if I made it to the rank by myself, I just feel that I'm not really deserving to be in this elo. Like, yeah. I'm happy to reach new ranks, but at same time It just doesn't feel very good somehow. Because I don't win lane... (I'm still on the good level of game knowledge, teamfight n' stuff, it is just the lane phase...)

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