EUNE apparently has more active players than EUW?

So, I was looking at U.GG and how many games a champion has been played in platinum+ ranked games during patch 9.21 and 9.20 in each region and for all of the champions I've seen, Korea has the most played games, followed by Brazil, NA and EUNE, EUW being with about 5-10 000 games less played on the most popular champions in the game like Kai'Sa. Least popular champions also get more played on EUNE, and I never thought it might be the case, as EUNE seems like the underdog and the less popular server, but could it actually have more active players? Edit: In Patch 9.21 EUW has 769,520 Champions analyzed, whereas EUNE has 1,166,270 Champion analyzed. That means there have been played 153.904 Ranked games in Platinum+ on EUW and 233254 matches on EUNE for the duration of the current patch. EUNE also has more played games during the last 4 Patches too, which is really weird, as it is widely known that EUW is the more popular server.
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