Thinking of giving up ranked...

Hey board... Sorry if this sounds like a rant, or a flaming discussin, but... I've been thinking lately not to do ranked again. Please hear me out first: I'm atm bronze 1, and have been struggling getting out of it since. I'm mostly doing either the jungle or top lane, with Xin, Master yi and Nocturne for jungle, and with Kayle, illaoi and Malphite on top lane. but I got 17 loses and only 13 wins... and it really starts to get me hard... Really starting to think that ranked isn't for me (I know this is a team based game, but soloq seems next to imposseble to get a good team) since I either get into a team where we all flame each other (and I know about the /mute all, but still!) or having an enemy team with smurfs or boosters in the lower tiers (I know again, cliché)... i'm honestly starting to think about just quitting ranked all together or get a smurf to help me out of it... I've looked up guides, watched videos and everything, yet I'm still stranded in bronze 1... and again, as said before, I'm really thinking on either get boosted (I know, pretty low of me to think about that) or just stick with normal instead :( Feel free to call me names or call me stupid, or whatever... I guess i can't get out bronze 1, and should just leave ranked to professionals like the rest of you and for you who likes to use smurf accounts. Again, sorry if I sound like I'm flaming, or hating on anyone... i'm just trying to be honest here. Thanks for reading. PS: Don't know if Off-topic is the right board to post this, but... yea, guess I better get ready for the name calling and downvotes ._. Edit: Man, I didn't expect you people giving such great advise! thanks for all the advises posted here, and to be honest with you, I now welcome even more advise if interested :D Thanks to all of you!
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