it's funy how all i say is true and i get reproted for it or ban (but never got in game ban )

it's relay funy tho .. how aaaaaaalllllllll the things i say is true ... at the end of S5 i started playing mf supp as ap and i got reported flamed even tho i am the carry .. till some pro player start playing it in lcs and he did it wrong . i cried 100000 time when i was main supp .. don't pick ez adc pls ... he is useless .. no one cared till riot told all of you that he need a rework cuz he is under powered or bad in general . i told my friends even ashe is better than him 1year after... boom she got championship skin . all cried abut adc in S8 .. i did not even tho i was main supp cuz riot made adc and supp 1 champ ... if the adc just hear and go with his supp the supp can carry him if the supp is good cuz the supp is the brain and the eye ... adc is but a tool to do damage and that what riot did . and all cried cuz riot made bot a team and 1 man army . no assassin can kill adc if the supp stay with his adc not 1 assassin . that if the supp is good . and bot is not a solo lan you need a duo to play it good .. or pray to god to get you a good player with you . so i tell you adc in S8 was not under powered it was balanced so the adc and supp work as 1 . don't tell me abut pro players pick in lcs ... pro gameplay is 180ْ different than what we play " they go for compo and win . " not to have fun or something that they wanna try cuz they like to ... if they will try it they will do it cuz they think it's better ... like mf supp or vayne mid " pros picked vlad in bot cuz riot %%%%ed up in the hprgen nerf like they %%%%ed up in making true damage to champs and now they bring back the old items XD .. all they need to do is not mixing normal games and rank ... what i mean they need to make items that work for champs and champs can't even buy them like {{item:3085}} {{item:3053}} they will limit the trolling too for rank and in normal games you can buy them but some items need to stay lucked ... when riot made the first nerf on eve {{item:3098}} {{item:3706}} that janglers can't buy supp items . this was good change.. they can make a true damge {{item:3031}} but {{champion:126}} {{champion:76}} "champs that have 2 forms " or champs with a close range can't buy it there is more to talk abut in this but i don't like to ;p. now i tell you this : lol lossing players cuz the trolls and inters mostly then for the flamers . riot is helping the trolls and inters now and not helping the game ... " i am not saying they need to help the flamers before any smart players jump now " flamers are easy to deal with but trolls and inting players you can't deal with them in the game ... for flamers you can easily mute them but for trolls and inting players .. you can't even mute there int . now riot is punshing good solo q players with the new bounty system .. players that know how to play the game ... and got 0/2 with a good cs get 500 gold shutdown .. even tho they are better than the one they are facing . i can't talk more abut the bounty system ... cuz it's stupid and they need to punsh the fed player like the old system where you get +1200 worth on shotdown for 1 time and not 1k and then 800 . for 9 kills i don't know realy and i don't like to know it's just stupid . and no you can't make a team in the boards go find them in the game ... and the boards is one of the things that is killing the game . not your dame urf and no one like the truth that why i have +3 account in the boards baned and i don't care and i will make more . even if riot say that they will give skins for who get +10vots on his boards ... and they might do it if they player base keep drooping .and i know it is
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