I want to say something to the people who claim Riot is showing Neekos sexuality in our faces:

I wouldnt have noticed it, not at all, if you people didnt make such a stupid fuss about it. I would have picked the Champion, and played her like any other Champion, even in her Bio she just seems like another girl, and I could have played her for years without ever realising that she was interested in other female Champions in that way. You people are the ones who are showing the sexuality down peoples throat, not RIOT. Barely anyone would have noticed if it wasnt for you anti-gay people making it a big deal. You are your own worst enemy, seriously, you are. You are the reason people have to take a stand whenever something comes out to be homosexual, even if it doesnt freaking matter. What is the deal with you, I mean, why cant you people just enjoy the 140+ Champions that keep you in your "man and woman" safe space zone and let the gays have that one Champion where they can say "Huh cool, shes kinda like me in that aspect?" Do you fear it will now magically make all the other 140 straight hetero and verbal about it Champions gay? And if it did, how would that ever hurt you? Sorry for making a whole thread about it, but I just had to get this out. You people make me ashamed of being straight...
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