Discussion of the recent permabans, and all the info I've gathered so far about them.

Well, as many (I'd hope) of you will know, there's been a spree of perma-bans this week, all seeming to stem from using MKLoL. I was one of the people who used it ~6 months ago, and got permabanned last night. I'm not here to cry or moan, I'm here to see if people will put forward their opinions on whether instant permabans with no prior incidents nor warnings are justified or not. People who use MK regularly, and people who used it many months ago, maybe even for a week, all received the same punishment. Without a previous ban like some people got (3 day ban for using MK, an email warning them). I personally think that their whole idea of reforming is kinda ignored with this whole "We know some of you used it a long time ago, but you were flagged then, and now youre permabanned." Please no crying about Riot being stupid, etc etc. This isn't about that. I want people's opinions. I'd gladly take maybe a 2 week ban instead of perma, since I stopped using it when I got the E-mail. EDIT: I just realized the question on the poll is badly worded. Please ignore the "should they be reverted?" part. EDIT2: WE DID IT RED- BOARDS! I got unbanned, and many people have too. If you had this problem, send a ticket and they'll unban you if they see you were telling the truth!
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