Why ARURF is flawed, and default URF is a better option.

** I'll be honest, I am salty right now. Over 40 games and still have not picked the champion I want.** ________________________________________ _**Let us first look at the main argument for ARURF to be better: it is more balanced.**_ So, in ARURF, one team can get up to 15 different champions if they reroll twice. 15 different champions. The flaw is, most champions are %%%%ing broken, straight up: broken. In 3 rolls, you are likely to get an op champ, but what if you get a shit champ? Yeah, it's unfun, for you. And this is the main flaw: The enemy team will most likely have atleast one op champion, and if you have a bad one, you'll get shit on, and get frustrated - it is still a matter of who has the better comp, but this time: luck is involved! Wasn't Riot really against RNG deciding the outcome of games? This frustration also happens because from the view of a single player, the distribution of the enemy champs through the summoners is not important - they will still be facing an extremely op champion if it is on the enemy team regardless, while the player will be playing a shit champion, and I'll tell you right %%%%ing now that no one likes playing shit champions against op shit. Your team doesn't matter to the fun you are having in ARURF or URF, only the champion you are playing and the enemy team comp matters - they will always have atleast one op champion, even if the rest are bad, but these 4 do not matter! Only the op one does, and you will get frustrated from being shit on just because you got assigned a champ you don't like / are bad with / is bad in ARURF or URF. ______________________ _**Another argument: 10 bans won't fix them all.**_ Yeah everyone knows it won't - but if 10 bans is not enough to ban all op champions, then there probably is a really high chance atleast one player will be getting an op champion in ARURF anyways (cause there are so many), making it a stomping game either way. ________________________ _**To finish it all, and I may be repeating myself now:**_ I know that if you want to try other stuff, you'll get stomped in URF - but I gotta %%%%ing say this: Atleast you'll get to play what you want.
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