Unreasonable list of "Riot should..."

Certain things are suggestions and constructive criticisms which Riot takes on board. And then there's a list of stuff we can only dream of. They are unrealistic , unreasonable, completely not taking into considering anything important besides "how cool it would be if..." Here's mine: * All featured game modes should be permanent additions, an ever growing list of so many different types of game modes. * Completely new map. 4 teams of 5 champions start in each corner, neutral nexus right in the middle of the map with lanes/towers branching out to each corner. Winner = last hit nexus. Towers are extremely overpowered, and can focus up to 4 people at a time, one from each team. To prevent push to win base race, you cannot destroy towers from your own lane, even though they can attack you, you must push one of other 3 lanes. Minions are there for gold balance/etc. * Riot should team up with someone like CD Projekt Red (because theyre cool) and bring us an open world single player like Witcher 3, heavily driven by storyline. We create custom character, side quests revolve around champions, main story line something about Demacia, Noxus, Fields of Justice. * LoL Manga and/or Anime.
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