Is it bad/possible to get carried to a rating you don't deserve by one champion

So, let's just say one friend in particular has been saying that "you got carried to gold by {{champion:8}} , you dont deserve your rank, i'm probably just as good as you". I'm getting pretty tired of this, I really don't think that you can get to a good rating (yes, it's gold, but it's the highest i've ever been) just off of playing one champion who is "OP". I played a lot of Vlad top, and Kennen, but mostly Vlad, and I feel like I got there because I got better generally and not because of Vlad alone, I still perform well with other champions It really gets under my skin, i'm proud of where i've gotten, and he's trying to tear that away from me Sorry for the rant, just annoyed at this guy right now Also, yes i'm using a bronze icon, it's the only bronze one I got, and it honestly looks nice imo
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