why I quit league of legends

just some feedback to the devs, nothing more. when I started playing, game was great, every role had it's own weak and good spots, you could exploit the meta in order to make your life easier, etc, but around season 6/7 I feel like the game started going bad instead of going better. bad champion remakes, the necessity to make the game highly dependent on snowballing through gold recently, tanks are outperforming pretty much everything in my opinion, the knowledge I've got till season 6 seems like it not worth anymore (I stopped playing in season 7 and came back for 8, when I realized the game changed so much that I wasn't able to do anything based on my previous knowledge), I kinda feel like I don't understand this game anymore, and I understand much less the player behavior from this season, people want to surr for everything, others afk because they are 0/4 (like yi from my last game), the game feels like it's crawling with 10 year olds that think they can do anything and say everything, among many other things not worth saying because rito won't ever admit the game is currently bad and will do nothing to change it (just remembered this). anyways, today was my last day, I've have been getting fed up from this game since season 8, today was the last water drop. had a game where the jungler didn't know what he was doing, went afk in the middle of a ranked game, than I went to try playing another game, I'm choosing my champion and the game just quits from champ select on it's own and forces me to wait 6 minutes... last fking water drop... I have been losing interest on the game since season 8, what was hours and hours of gameplay before season 8 turned into 3 or 4 matches per week... I am also not willing to play a game that is almost every week with some sort of problem, so, goodbye, I already uninstalled the game, might stay here on the boards a little longer (forums are my time killers), but even eventually I will leave the forums, the day I decide to close my account. makes me sad to close my account, with so many skins, including all my legacy skins (my favorites), the time I wasted to perfect runes, learn tricks, etc... but well, I wish the best of luck for the people that continue to play the game, I no longer understand it...
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