How many real players are there ? How good are they ? I'd like some stats ...

So clearly, I'm not a great lol player. Despite regularly playing for 3 years or so, I'm sure I'm below average. But what does "below average" actually means ? What I find myself wondering is things like : How many active accounts is there ? Of that, how many are smurfs ? (Give or take some errors, but I'm sure Riot has a very good idea of what accounts are smurfs.) And now, for the other stats, taking out the smurfs ??? How long have they been playing ? Like, a graph of the number of players / time How many game did they play per week on average ? How many are ranked ? Repartition ? What is the level of unranked players ? (They still have an Elo, so Riot must have an idea of what their level is.) So all in one : I know I'm still bad. That's not the question ... I don't mind, it's just a game. But I still like to have an idea of how bad I am. It's just a bit frustrating, playing ranked, having a rank, but no idea what it really means. Anyway, don't expect much answer. I don't see Rioters pulling out stats to answer my random curiosity. Just felt like posting.
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