Why League of Legends is so Toxic, the real reason.

Why League of Legends is so Toxic, the real reason.
Why is League of Legends so toxic? I have an idea... I moved to LA with all my things after my military service to hopefully make gaming content that people care about. If you like my videos a sub is all I ask.
thats the thing 80% of the times. the other 20% is when a kid less than 15 years old, sees some1's stats being 0/6 and then he starts flaming just for that. even if the other isn't intentionally feeding. but most of the times toxicity is triggered from greifing, intentionally feeding, in-game passive-aggresive bullying (doesnt have to be from chat), and trolling. players who do the above never get banned or punished because the dont do it all the time. example : http://prntscr.com/96oiu8 http://prntscr.com/974eh1 intentionally feeding non stop in ranked games for over a month. didnt get perma banned nor 14 days ban. i lost track of him, but logic says that in order to get banned for trolling you need to keep doing that in every game for **at least** 1 whole month. in the worst scenario you never get banned. so, the fact that trollers dont get punished hard, when they should get warning in their 1st troll game 14 days ban in their 2nd and perma ban in their 3rd, also triggers toxicity. why ? because i find myself helpless against them. if i knew they would get punished after the game, i would simply accept the defeat with a smile on my face knowing that a retard is going to get a deserved perma banned. but now i know they dont get punished. and that frustrates me. and i DO NOT ACCEPT it, him, having that unjust power over me. he should at least know my frustration though the chat. thats what naturally comes bursting out of most flamers. and thats the truth, of why lol is toxic. if u go to mmorp games there is no such toxicity because you are alone. if you go to dota, there is not such toxicity either because there the players actually have the power to kick or cancel games with such trollers. like it is said in the video in irl sports like basketball.
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