Pause key [function]

Riot this game is of 10 years out into online... ,but you still ignore most of players wishes .... , that pause key which in my opinnions leave you time to fix possible disconnect issues , lag issues ,human problems maybe you need toilet , you need something to drink , to get to the door or answer a phone... , serious now there is not just the game itself in , we should kind have this function of long time ago ... ,and it's still not implented for normal players... ,imagine someone disconnect in a team fight in min 45... , it's like okey bye bye game... , he can't do nothing team can't do nothing , it happened to me when someone pulled out my rj-45 cable from mistake ,stuffs like that happens , and it's ridiculous stupid to be the carry player and to get something like that happen while your team can't do nothing against that issues.... . If someone agree to what i sayd please leave a message here and a thumbs up says the storry too :) ,but i think riot should really know that this ideea is not from comodity it it's because is a need ... ,you can't stay like 30 minuts only focused on game all the time... or more time per game... I am sure if someone call you from a transport company to get out after a collet you will not tell that guy please let me finish my league of legends the team needs me Negative aspects of this function not being implented... You may loss farm , early advantage ,level experience ,or late game middle game advantage throught having an afk ,someone who lag and can't use the playing time to farm and help team or do moves on map .... , big issues in late game where everyone is strong , and there is a huge probability that staying 3 minuts to toilet or less could show effects a baron force or anything could just send your team to defeat... , there are more many stuffs what could happen... , a random network fall , or electricity fall why not a problem with some lags received from windows update ,from someone using wi-fi , you can't even get there oh man stop download stuffs, etc...
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