Fear and disgust

Playing this sh%t game, I complain that my account has been stolen and I just want to recover it and they ban me for scripting. Because even this shi%ty game does not have double-factor authentication, and I get banned for insulting a Yasuo who spends the game doing disrespect. Because he can laugh at me, spread shit, emoticons, recall, insult for the chat, and be a fcking yasuo smurf, that does not matter, they ban me. Nothing happens because a free Yasuo wins the game alone, they will not throw the nexus humiliating us as long as possible and my team will not surrender. You just censore the verbal not the actions, GOTY. People like to lose their fcking time. But, If you want to play a fcking ARAM then you can not, because you are not able to put a role on each line, I have to play against 2 tanks and 3 ADCs, with 4 supports on my team. You disgust me, you are a shitty rabble team with your family friendly game of smurfs, shit kids and eloboosters. I play this game to enjoy and there is no fcking normal game without provocations thugs or ratkids. Also leveling bots are there you know?. Now the fcking money I spent in a insecure hard passwored account is gone, the thug kid banned my account laughing at me and ARAM is as random win/loose from min 1. Stop treating us like we're sons of bit-ches
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