My short trip to GamesCom 2016!

Herro everyone! So I've been at GamesCom on Sunday, enjoyed most of what I saw and since 70% of the cosplayers there cosplayed League of Legends champions, I thought I'd share some of my photos from that day! First, here are some statistics: In the first two hours at GamesCom, a friend and I spotted around 19 Teemo-, 1 Fizz-, 1 Rammus-hat/s, 2 Ahri, 2 Lulu, 1 Talon, 1 Morgana, 1 Diana, 1 Syndra, 1 StarGuardian Lux cosplays. At the end of the day we were at around 60 Teemo-hats and a lot of League cosplays! Obviously no Teemo-hat was counted twice as we accurately documented every person wearing that! Let's get to the more interesting part: **Overwatch!** Some nice stuff, large figurines (Love Widowmaker) and cosplays of Tracer, Reaper and D.VA spotted. **World of Warcraft?** No idea where that cosplay is from, I just assume it's WoW. Either way, that was the most impressive cosplay with probably the most work, money and expertise put in. The eyes on the head-gear were even emitting some smoke! Pretty decent! **Torment** This was at the entrance to the Torment Booth, an upcoming CRPG. Not really my type of game but still interesting nevertheless. And the artworks were pretty neat too! Also they gave me a pen and a bag. Love me some bags. **Creative Sound-stuff** Some crazy sh...-stuff was going on over there! The crowd was cheering and yelling every 30 seconds like crazy! You heard them way into the next hall. And now for the League cosplayers. I saw a lot of League cosplay but I didn't take photos of everyone. First of all, I asked everyone if I may take a picture of them and second, many times they were a little bit further away in the middle of the crowds and getting a decent picture in there while everyone is walking and it's super crowded is just very exhausting and difficult. Let's start with this awesome girl cosplaying Female Rengar! Or as I like to call it: Femgar. Pretty neat stuff, light was more intense than I first thought it would be. Project Fiora! Super-spooky expression, but a very well done cosplay! So I was kinda sad that I didn't see more League cosplay and no Jinx cosplays but then I saw: **COSPLAY VILLAGE** and I was like And there they were! Sorry about the zoomed quality, took all pictures with my phone and given the circumstances that was the best photo I was able to get of all these awesome cosplayers! The Morgana on the left side had a super-awesome cosplay too. Lot's of LEDs and electronic but someone stood right there so I had to cut ouf the wings :c I'm sorry Morg! And in case you haven't noticed, this one was my favourite cosplayer among all of them! Supercool and killing the character! The Male Katarina in the "Draw me like one of your french girls"-pose! Really made me smile a lot! Here we both are! I'm obviously the ugly one on the left. (Sorry to disappoint, not a chick. >.>) He already had given his daggers back, so we took the photo without the daggers, but it was all fine! I even had a short talk with him after that and he gave me his card so I'm going to forward his stuff: Anyways, it was an amazing day for me! I had a lot of fun and next year I will be there from Thursday to Sunday and maybe even learn how to photograph with DSLR-cameras and get better and more pictures! Also: The League merch shop there was out of posters. Like how on earth does someone run out of posters. The hell? I wanted that Jinx vs. Vi poster so bad q.q **Last but not least** Many of the cosplayers weren't carrying any weapons because of what recently had happened in Munich. That's how the GamesCom security handled that, not the way I would have handled that, but it happened. Props to all the cosplayers still pulling through with their thing, everyone did an amazing job there and I can't wait for next year! Maybe some of you guys will want to join me there next year! :3 {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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