So I made a mistake.

I made my account a few weeks ago and I've managed to reach level 30 finally, however I made a mistake when I saw that there was an icon available to purchase for 1 blue essence, without any thought I bought it, but this has brought up a LOT more issues than I thought it ever would, for example, whenever I want to purchase a 4800 champion I will always be 1 blue essence away from it and as I can only receive blue essence from champion capsules or first win of the day, I will either have to wait atleast 20 hours to earn that 1st win of the day for that small 50 blue essence or I just have to level up again to disenchant champion shards. I was wondering if there was any way I could just get that 1 blue essence so I could resolve this issue because this is like the 5th time I want to purchase a champion but im either 1 or 51 blue essence away from it.
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