Why I Quit (subjective opinion)

Disclaimer: Since the League community has always been known for not understanding this one, i am going to state the reason why i will part ways with league of legends. This is based on my own thoughts and feelings and is not meant to harass anyone who might see it any other way. Again - this is my personal point of view and i hope that i can just get this off my chest without having to deal with 10.000 people complaining about how my opinion is wrong or reducing me to my rank. With that being said, here's why I will quit League of Legends: I can safely assume, that every player has experienced toxicity, harassment, flame, etc. at some point during their league of legends "career". However i feel like, that it has become so much worse over the past two to three years, that i am hardly willing to play more than one game per day. Of course on could argue that i could just /mute (all), but this isn't the point of league. Even Solo Q is about communication between the individual players and muting them can really diminish your chances of winning - especially if you mute pings aswell. However this is a common complaint and surely not the one why i don't think i want to ever return. Another point on my list is, that i kind of dislike the way league is evolving - especially in 2020 - with evermore overloaded, complex and - honestly - broken champions/kits ({{champion:84}} , {{champion:523}} ,{{champion:145}} ,...) and changes in game design. The introduction of the elemental drakes back in the day was already bugging me, but i could still handle it and - even if i didn't enjoy the newly found objective focus as much - i got used to it. However this season is all about "Rise of the Elements" and i am not having it. The drake buffs are way too impactful and i really hate the environmental changes, especially since it is a matter of pure RNG whether or not the elemental terraforming is in favour of you or not (e.g. {{champion:107}} with Oceanic/Infernal Map). So this RNG can basically decide over win or loss. I would've loved a more "Heroes of the Storm"-esque approach, with completely different maps and objectives instead of having the same map evolve by luck. My third point however, is the real reason why i finally part ways with riot - and probably the one i will be getting the most backfire for: I kept playing League because of one particular champion - Diana {{champion:131}} . For quite some time i have enjoyed defending my champ from "Pros" saying that she was overall a bad champion, that she was useless and, pre 6, just a minion. Even though i have to admit that her pre 6 was not overwhelming, i never felt like it was impossible to play her - be it mid lane or jungle. But after higher ranked League Players and Pros alike kept crying for her to get reworked, she finally did and - oh boy - what did we get. In my opinion she doesn't feel like the same champion anymore. Her damage has been shifted around, her kit comes together so much differently and her new braindead _Q > E > R> Pentakill_ playstyle is really the most anti-fun and stupid thing i have ever seen. Even if it might seem exaggerated, i can finally understand what the (OG) {{champion:266}} mains have been complaining about ever since he got reworked. I feel like she is not the same champion anymore and definitely not even remotely what she used to be. And all of this just because Riot simply keeps spoiling pros and higher ranked players, even though low ranks easily make up for 90% of the player base. I don't see why a dedicated community, with individuals even playing in those higher Elos, has to endure a rework just because some diamond player simply **could not make her work** in his own games. But it's obvious that some people can. So just because some - sorry for the terminology - Metaslave can't have any success with her, my champ has basically been taken away from me. IF you cannot make a champion work and you are not willing to invest the time into learning that champion, you should simply not play that champion in my opinion. Who cares if she's not seen in Pro Play? Who cares if the 10% high Elo of each server has just a handful of players playing that specific champion? i don't and neither should you. But all Riot Games cares about is Profit. And - even though understandable to some degree - their scheme has shown a dozen times by now: Buff/Rework a champ, release some skins until you nerf them so hard that they become unplayable. I will not stay and watch the same thing being done to my Diana. MY only motivation to play this game has died with this rework. And i am very well aware that none of you will care about what a Gold 4 Player has to say - least of all Riot themselves - but this had to be said once and for all. Yet i am still thankful for all the time i was able to play Diana and to call her my main. I am just immensely upset that things have to end this way. Thank you to the few who have read this far and who have endured my Gold 4 rant. I hope you have a good day. PS: Sorry for any grammar or spelling mistakes - English is not my mother tongue and i might or might not have lost myself in typing this.
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