Toxicity won't go away with this righteous bann system

Hey. Why does Riot Games have such a poor vengeful bann system if they want to double down on toxicity in attempts to repair the games toxic reputation. Riot must know that most toxic players that get banned will just make a new account and not change their behaviour at all, theres even communities that value getting banned 20 times hehe xd.{{champion:119}} I'm mostly talking about chat toxicity since I fully understand why inters should have their account removed, but to fix the actual flaming toxicity theres no way banning will work, because if they lose their account they will just make another one, but if they get heavier chat restrictions they're obviously more inclined to keep playing on the same account until the restriction is gone, which verbally makes it impossible for them to flame. It's not a gameplay issue that they can't type since most players don't type alot anyway, and we have some many useful pings now. So if someone is constantly flaming, but not trolling in any other way, chat restrictions fixes the problem instantly. Most toxic people won't go out of their way to be toxic, I think it's unrealistic to think that a normal flamer would make a new account just to be able to type in game. I don't understand why Riot feels like banning people for spamming "%%%" or whatever is a good idea, no other big company has such a vengeful bann system. It feels more like Riot would rather punish people the hardest for being toxic instead of trying to fix the game, because it is a bigger punishment to get banned sure, but like I said, they just come back on a different account and then we have the same problem. Get heavier chat restrictions in the game and hand them out more often, stop banning for verbal nonsense it doesn't work and can be exploited since Riot doesn't take anything but your chat log into account when they decide wether or not to bann you. Yea it won't fix the people that run it down mid every game, but they don't get banned anyway it seems since that nunu guy on youtube managed to go 0/53 every game by using a bot that had him run it down mid. He's probably banend now but that took a while, much longer than it takes to get banned for saying "%%%" a few times. Probably nobody will agree since most people here are vengeful and angry because they've been offended or whatever by a flamer once but it's true. Get on it Riot, this system is trash{{champion:74}}
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