A Rant/discussion of "requirements to play ranked" and "smurfs", all opinions welcomed!

Hi there, This little rant of mine was inspired by a comment i wrote in response to someone, also i feel it is deemed worthy enough to have its own thread and to be seen by others. Also it expresses how i see the situation and gives a portion of my opinion on the matter (obviously lol), whether you all agree or disagree with it is another story, but i'm happy to hear your thoughts on it and on the situation itself. I May be called a scrub and laughed at but i don't care, i'm willing to except and report that loloolololol. In All seriousness though, i felt like typing this because there also seems to be a (forgot the word to use) where people assume you are able to play ranked and are bronze or silver, ask you if you wanna play ranked with them wit them assuming that you have it unlocked, and then just loo a you with a weird look when you tell them the truth straight up. It's so damn annoying, because your standards or play rate or things you have access to don't meet their standards they think they can roll their eyes and look at you in disgust. It's a form of elitism and narcissism over a free to play kids game lmfao. i know that there are silver/gold/platinum people sometimes on a high horse, but thats not what i wish for this discussion to be about, and another thing i would just quickly like to mention briefly is "if you have another account or you play on a new account and are really good they always assume your other account has made it to ranked and is at least bronze" which will then also brings into question the definition of smurf and what it actually is. before playing league of legends i always thought of smurfs as these little blue guys from an old kids tv show that also mentioned hlieriously at one point in the movie donnie darko, now after league of legends i look at it as 6 different things, smurf is usually one of these, correct me if i am wrong. * 1) a sock puppet account, dummy account sock account, fake account, alternative account, or whatever you wanna call "a little bit of fun on the side" if ya know what i mean ;) wink wink. * 2) an account used by a person to ban-dodge in the event that their main account gets banned * 3) an account made with the sole intention of being sold to someone else online once a certain level or rank is reached, usually there are fresh level 30 accounts that are new to ranked and ready for it (insert virginity joke here to add possible humour), then there are the other accounts like gold and diamond for sale type of accounts * 4) a person with some amount of experience deciding to start off all over again with a new fresh account (pretending to be new or not is optional) * 5) a bronze person that wants is losing all hope in humanity for not escaping the debts of elo hell and is desperate to make the game less harder for them and they are really thirsty for kills so they make a new account and then trash talk noobs after killing a bunch of beginners thus feeding and sending them on an egocentric ego trip and power trip where it gets to their head and they feel like some sort of in-game god or pro, becoming all high and mighty * 6) i forgot what i was going to put here :( ad as for the rant part regarding the other part of the title of this op, enjoy the cooypasta "_**why do people even assume that they make it into bronze?? i have played for over a year and been level 30 on another account for a while now.... yet i still aint in ranked**_ _**it keeps saying it wont let me play ranked unless i own a minium of 16 champions, it is a cheap exploitation and marketing sales trick, before reaching 30 the game itself only told me that reaching 30 was what was required to play ranked, it is a trick to make cheat people and make them be put into a position of "oh, well i made it this far anyway and dont want my time reaching level 30 to be in vain so i'll stay going instead of quitting, if i quit now then all that time reaching 30 would have been for nothing". Then the situation becomes "put your hand in your pocket and spend irl cash on a free to play game just to play it ranked or else grind excessively until you manage to purchase enough champions through ip, the choice is yours and we want your money, good luck have fun" (excluding hextech obviously). This is disgraceful and is a dirty trick and a position that no one should ever have to be placed in. Also insert business nothing person quote here to turn it into a joke and adds humor to something considered serious business by lighting the mood of this rant**_"
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