Easiest Season so far ?

I would like to share my league adventures with you. During season 5 i was stuck in silver because I had really bad team mates (typical blame) and couldnt climb out from hell , my highest achievement was Silver I 94 lp. Losing from that to Silver IV made me lose my mind. I got over it though. I main mid lane , typical assasin roaster {{champion:238}} {{champion:91}} {{champion:7}} and a little {{champion:103}} and{{champion:1}} I managed to climb a little before ending the season in Silver II with 70 lp. Dont get me wrong , I`m not ashamed and i know that I could have played some games differently. Moving on , when season 6 started and the NCS was introduced i was a little annoyed because if i select main role mid lane and secondary role top or jungle , I have to wait arround 3-5 minutes to find a game (God bless you mid lane mains for that ) , so me hating to wait , I always select fill , so matchmaking finds a game in 3 sec. ( So I play 70 % supp ) I did my placement matches , went 7-3 and surprise surprise , I got placed in Bronze I. I was not sad , I was glad because playing in bronze is a joy for everyone who can get out of there. I changed my mentality a lot , i dont care about kda , I care only about winning , so playing supp and breast feeding my adc , peeling for everyone in tf , today , after 84 games ( 59 W 25 L ) i achieved something i was trying to do all last year. Reach to that piss colored , shinny shitty , Gold . My question for you is , is this season easier ? And an advice , fuck kda , play supp if u can (have the abilities) , play tank champs so you can help your team , and you`ll see that color of piss on your profile in no time. Thank you for taking your time to read this. Good luck on the rift. God bless rito eu lag {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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