Weirdest jungler(s) you have seen?

I have seen a few games within my friend's bar who had some pretty odd choices for jungler's. Here's what I saw. 1. Lissandra The early game was pretty much hell from what I saw as she couldn't even kill anything after the leash of the blue buff. It meant she was stuck at level 2 and then 3 for a few minutes. Maybe it could work or did work but it certainly didn't seem like it. End game did get a lot better but not by much considering the severe lack of items. 2. Azir I saw only one game but apparently, according to the person, it was their second time trying it. The early game is also rough but not as bad as Lissandra's. Ganks tend to be eh but could work if the enemies aren't expecting them. Same problems though with falling behind but they did keep up a lot easier. So... anyone else seen an odd jungler and if you did, was it a success or a fail?
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