Is Ranked match making "scripted"

It seems that im seeing a lot of these threads and my friends encounter this a crap ton... But each time you get on a winning streak like 6 games in a row, you suddenly get placed with braindead team mates for the next 10 games, I mean I won lane hard And I went on a 9 game winning streak, then the next 14 games I LOST ALL, despite winning lane 13/14 times, My team mates where just playing like absolute shit I couldnt believe wtf I was seeing, bot lane going 0/23 at the 30 minute mark combined, it was a weird experience to say the least, that I was being matched with players that played like Silver idiots in plat elo...I never flame so I now that I dont have a negative attitude towards my team to tilt more, I just dont get it.... but this phenomen makes me believe that Riot has a deliberate algorithm in place that makes you get matched with down syndromes after your winning streak... And i cant be the only one thinking that as ive seen countless threads of players experiencing this...
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