What do you do when people give up in your games?

In my last 10 ranked game 4 of them were lost because somebody thought they didn't have to try to win anymore. What do you do? Begging doesn't help muting them won't stop them from griefing. And all those games were totally winnable if they had just tried to win the game. I feel as if matchmaking has gotten so much worse. People don't try, tilt others and don't care if they lose. Why are they allowed to play ranked why are they not banned on sight? Why aren't they as harsh as this sounds IP banned so they can never play league again to troll ranked games or at the very least disabling ranked for them? I understand that I could play better I am gold after all I keep making mistakes and there is always stuff that I can learn but it doesn't seem to be like those game are winnable after they gave up playing. Somehow people manage to get out of low and mid elo despite people trolling, griefing etc. but how?
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