Should I play League of Legends?

I've been playing video games throughout all my life and I used to play sports and do a bunch of things at the same time, over the past 4 years or so I prioritised gaming and did (I know a lot of people think this is made-up) get addicted to video games, that being this game League of Legends, so much where I woke up two hours early before school to play games and watched League videos whenever I wasn't near my computer or in class, that LoL addiction going on for almost 2 years. I am very unfit since prioritising games and ever since I stopped playing to focus on my GCSE exams (which I should've revised a lot more for but addiction, which is why I forced myself to uninstall it and at times unplug my computer completely), ever since then my confidence has increased, not as much as it used to be, and my social anxiety has almost vanished when I used to fear making eye contact with people. I'm not saying you're addicted, I'm not saying this game is bad, what I want to ask now that I've explained my situation is it bad for **me** to play League of Legends again? These kinds of things like lack of confidence and social anxiety are direct symptoms from addiction and I don't want to become addicted again. I want to play it since other games are boring which I play in my free time on occasion, but I'm worried it will consume me again. Thoughts?
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