I fell in love with League again. ٩(♡ε♡ )۶

After many years of playing the game, i recently, or if i am being precise, more than a year feel like playing the game only to gain the LP points. It's probably like this for the majority of old players who play this game. Normal games stop being entertaining once you are ready to lose virginity to Ranked Queue games. It's true. We should all be respected and validated as possible professional players, and then, we proceed to start being competitive! At first, it's quite entertaining but also frustrating. Ranked games in low divisions feel quite stressful but much more competitive than the high elo games, since everyone wants to be good and win the game! But after you climb the ladder, with time, you lose the sense to enjoy. All that you depend on and all that your fun depends on is the focus on getting better and better. You start being entirely soaked into that way of thinking. All that matters at this point is the LP you could possibly get if you win a game. All eyes are focused on the LP. So, we do lose ourselves along the way of doing this. We forget that the only thing that actually matters is the process in a game we are playing, not the outcome. I mean, even if it's true, what is exactly so helpful to not have any fun when aiming for the reward? Perhaps we want to climb the ladder faster, i've seen this one around for many years. It could also be the "stepping stone" of moving to a higher division! We all have our eyes straightened for the possible reward, our eyes start to shine and we just get lost.. Because the climbing takes time and effort, not just a goal. And so, i know this sound crazy as it could get, but, i recently fell in love with the game again. The feeling of enjoyment returned and also the fun. The "how" becomes quite easy to answer. I started playing a champion which i had never thought i would play. And that champion is {{champion:103}} . She fulfills me so much, on so many different levels. I enjoy playing her so much and i can't explain to you the feeling of charming someone or making a "play" with her. She feels very natural to me. I really like that she could bring dinner to the table when things in the game go south.. Maybe this IS the champion i have always wanted to main and play with. Maybe my soul is completed now. Also, i would love for my post to be as original and basic as possible, but there is also another reason. I love the Japanese language. My client is in Japanese and so are the champion voices too. And when you test her "interactions", the things which she says or the way she laughs / make a noise when she dies create an aesthetic resemblance of Anime series, and it just makes me even more excited. I am not a great writer here on Boards, i lack the emotional moments and i also find myself to be a little nuts for so many different reasons, but there, i had to let it out for some souls to read it and hopefully realize once again what this game SHOULD actually be about. (・ิω・ิ) _P.S : I am staying awake all night because i am going to a dentist early in the morning (๑•̀ㅂ•́)ﻭ✧_
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