Suggestions for sion build.

I have been playing sion for a while now and he has become of of my favourite champs. I had a good build with him supporting his aggressive early game play style and i don't know if i've become bad but i have been doing worse lately. I have looked around for builds and i can find are very similar builds. AP sion builds. Or just that one guy who puts full ad sion mid or adc everywhere and i was hoping to find some new inspiration. I know i could just go full tank sion but that doesn't support 1. my aggressive play style and 2. sions late game. Sure full tank sion can peel like hell but then again you end up having two supports and sion doesn't need to peel a lot because his cc allows him to protect his team rather than having 5000 hp. Tell me if i'm wrong its been a while since i've adjusted my build. Because you know.... i'm stupid like that.
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