I love the League Community <3

So since LoL is in the pre-season, I decided to play Overwatch instead and climb to Plat there. ######_And I did it \\(^.^)/_ But the climb was so tedious and in literally every game I got at least 2 people who flamed, even when we are winning. And then on top of that every 10th game someone leaves, sometimes because of connection issues but most of the time intentionally. It&#039;s not fun at all to climb in Overwatch as a solo player. But now that I reached my goal for it&#039;s season, I come back to LoL and realize how quite it is. Yes, occasionally someone flames, but compared to Overwatch the people playing League are angels. I am serious here. It&#039;s insane and I love it. And as a note for Riot: Keep it up. Love your game and love that you ban toxic players. I hope the system gets better (even though it&#039;s better than ever) and I hope the community will stay clean. --- --- --- #I love the League Community (^w^)b
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