210+ days without League of Legends. League feels different and its really cool.

[If you want a TL;DR then the title says it all but if you want to stick around, you are free to do so] So, around the 18th of November (approximately), I decided to take a break from League of Legends. After playing nothing but LoL since September of 2013, the game started to get stale for me last year. I wasnt really enjoying myself, felt that every move Riot made was questionable, and raged quite frequently (not towards teammates, but in general). With Black Friday (or more like "black month" here in Spain), Sony was doing a special offer and selling PS4s for 300€ with a free copy of Spiderman. And the week after that, I bought around 15 games from the last couple of years that I have been wanting to desperately play for less than 50€. (Im a PS Fanboy, deal with it xD I cannot afford a PC I play on a laptop) Taking a break from League was honestly not even difficult, mostly because now I had different games that I could spend hours on and not feel indifferent. In a matter of days my mentality changed, I felt happier and never even felt annoyed when playing online multiplayer. A complete 180º degrees towards the right direction. I also knew that from the very beginning, I was never going to abandon League (I did unistall the game and client launcher though). Its at this point the only game I have spent the most of my life and honestly, I really like the friends I met here that are now every single day on the EU discord server (If you havent joined, and want to talk I highly recommend checking it out). I also never lost a single patch notes update in the website. One of the things I set out to do from the moment I started my 7 month break was to keep up with all the new League of Legends news, all the cool new champions like Neeko, Sylas and Yuumi, and the insane VGUs to Kayle, Morgana, and Morde (All IMPRESSIVE btw Riot, well done) so that, whenever I would return to League of Legends I wouldnt feel lost and confused, which not gonna lie, I am a bit lost but not as lost as I would originally could have been. One thing is for sure, my CSing is terrible and the little macro I had I lost (except warding and looking at the mini map xD). One thing that always caught my attention is when some players comeback after taking a whole year break or more, and the very first thing they do is complain about how the game is still borken or unbalanced and how the community is still extremely toxic. And honestly, after experiencing the long break from myself, those complains are in all honesty quite irrelevant. Think about it, if you have been gone from the game over half a year, then obviously the game is going to feel "broken" simply because it's a new meta and you haven't played it, and secondly, every single multiplayer gaming community has a toxic side, which, unless you are a very negative person, you wont see it frequently (in every single game). That doesn't mean I haven't encountered some toxic players after coming back, but honestly, I just didn't even bother. Its the same nonsense anyway ("you're a bad jungler, ? pings around the map, you're everyday "fck u") that stuff is inevitable and quoting Hansiman here _"Toxic community is a vocal minority, and all large online games have it"_ (2019). I have in my part had so much fun coming back to League, I feel refreshed and new. Currently playing poorly in some games but that's a given, and honestly, that adds a bit more of the fun because I feel like a new player again. Sure I won't experience the feeling we all had when we all first joined League, but the feeling of being a complete goof in the game and not knowing what to do is something I havent felt in years, and that's really nice. ######**[This part has some backstory]** The main reason why League of Legends was getting (there were multiple reasons), was that I exclusively only played support. When I started back in 2013, I didn't know what to play, so I consciously picked the most unpopular and undesireably role in the game so that I could understand the mentality of a MOBA and the core mechanics of the game (csing, pushing, freezing, ganking, map awareness, everything). And I sticked to support because at the time no one wanted to play support, it was the ward slave position, you couldnt do damage, you couldn't buy fun items (mostly because those were introduced in november of 2014 during the preseason for S5. So, because support was free I couldnt learn a role and stick to it from day one. And it helped. Everything I know now is thanks to the support role. However, that lead me to not know anything about solo laning, and because of that, Im actually scared of 1v1 lanes. Not because the enemy can kill me at any moment, but because in the botlane, having a stranger or friend by your side is really nice. I did learn toplane and midlane champions in aram though, so that was something I guess. But the problem was that I only knew how to play in the botlane, the only other role I bothered to learn was ADC (back in 2014 when it was not super popular; because back in 2013 getting ADC was impossible). To better understand how botlane works at its fullest, its great to know everything about support and adc, it helped me understand better about when and how a marksmen can engage in a gank and all that. But for the most part, it was only support, 24/7 for 365 days for five years straight. Now that I am back, I have taken upon myself to main new roles, potentionally 3, and have support as my last option. There are a lot of champions I love in league, but I could never play them. The new roles I wanna learn are jungle and marksmen, sure marksmen is in the botlane but it will atleast make me play more aggresive and this time be labelled as the primary target to kill (which adds a bit more fun to be honest). ______ So that's basically it. I took approximately 210 days off from League of Legends and I feel better than ever. If you want to know what sparked in me to come back to League of Legends was MSI. Seeing G2 play MSI has made me realize how much fun the game can be, so for the last month, I have been wanting to play League almost religiously, but I stayed calm and collected because I had University finals to finish, and now that I did yesterday, I can now say that I am 110% back to playing League of Legends. (I will be controlling myself though). See you on the Rift! https://i.imgur.com/4iEOHOc.gif
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