we want skin to Camille , Ivern , Kled, Taliyah , Aurelion Sol !

guys , i really like League of legends , but im waiting 2 years to another skin of Taliyah ???????? wtf ... XAYAH AND RAKAN WON ONE SKIN FIRST Taliyah come to lol in May 2016 X and R come in April 2017 X and R won skin in February , so they won skin before 1 year ^^ "Ohh we do cuz they are more popular" " More money :3333" ..... Im so angry i swear , if you dont do skin to "unpopular champs" they will become less and less popular !!!!! Im main Taliyah and i really disappointed with you Riot ... Camille , Ivern , Kled, Taliyah , Aurelion Sol have people who love they !! They see the Riot gives attention to their precious champs who will give? The players ? No !!! How can the company itself not pay attention to the characters themselves ... sad ... I know you're going to keep shitting at the subject. But i give my opinion ... "Riot- Oh i have great news!!! , We go do the 2 skin to Aurelion !!! UWOUWW 2 YEARS LATER !!!" ~ And have champions like Xayah and Rakan who gain skin in less than 1 year. You must be kidding me. {{champion:164}} {{champion:427}} {{champion:240}} {{champion:163}} {{champion:136}}
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