Quit League ?

I posted this already in the wrong Board. Hah that's just what 99% say and only 1% do, the thing is we are all addicted we can't quit we have been playing for far to long to say "Nah fk that i aint playing anymore" And for ppl that say league was better back then in S3, they are wrong and here's why: Back in S3 league was still new fresh nobody knew wtf they are doing we all were just having fun, it's just like every other game, lets take fortnite for an example, its new its fresh everyone is having fun and everyone is playing it, but soon it will start to become less and less fun bcs you do 1 thing over and over again, and then ppl will say "Ah i miss the old fortnite" it's just how it goes nothing will stay here forever, except league bcs this game is something else idk how Riot does it but they are doing an awesome job at keeping us here. Msg im trying to get out there is league will never be what it used to but, but it will be better then that, way better. and you will have to accpet it and carry on.
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