Whats the purpose of Ranked Games if you play to have fun?

TL;DR I've been playing League for quite a long time and since I decided to play ranked and got platinum I seem to have less and less fun while playing the game because people tryhard way too much in normal games and my rank messes up the matchmaking while playing with friends So I used to be a normal games player only because I was kinda afraid of going ranked and get placed in bronze and I thought It would be harder to win because of all the players talking about the elo hell. Season 5 I decided to do my placements and I got lucky with a 8/2, which resulted in gold 4, I got really happy because I would get the victorious skin that people get when they reach gold and the border. Season 6 Even though I got gold last season I was still afraid of playing rankeds because In my head I got really lucky to win so many placements last season that I ended going something like 2/5 (was 2 weeks away from ranked end/ preseason start and since I was 2/5 I knew I wouldn't get gold and decided to not finish the placements because in my head it was better to not have a border than to try to reach gold and fail and get a silver border) Season 7 One of my friends started to play League and when he went rankeds for the first time he got placed in bronze. He used to play everyday and eventually, after a long time, he got platinum. Seeing him getting closer and closer to diamond (he eventually got it at the end of the season somehow) triggered something in me that made me believe that if he could get platinum I could too. So I decided to play my ranked games and again, I got really nice placements (7/3) and got placed in gold. In 30ish games I managed to climb to platinum 3... Season 8 I feel more confident and I decided to do my placements a week after the season start and got platinum V. Since I'm still studying I've not been playing much rankeds (I decided that I would grind for the diamond while in summer holidays so I only play rankeds once in a while in order to not decay) and still managed to get platinum 2. Now what does this have to do with the title of this discussion? Since I climbed the ladder I noticed that I've been having less fun in general while playing the game. I used to play with my friends and have real fun trying out new comps, builds, metas etc... but now when I queue up with my lower elo friends I always face higher elo people with like 300k mastery points with their champions who just crush on us (even worse when I just wanna chill and play support) It's like the matchmaking isn't even fair, I don't know If I have a way higher mmr than my rank or not but the game matchmaking is never in our favor (here's an example https://prnt.sc/ja58d9 ) I remember I even used to buy more skins before I tried to climb the ladder since nowadays If I wanna try my new azir skin I will get facerolled by the orianna main in mid lane Yes I have a smurf but I don't really want to play there in order to have fun with my friends... I don't like when some of my team mates gets stomped because they have lower elo and so I don't want to be the one stomping somebody in my smurf too... So i'm here stuck with how I will be able to play with them and win a single one (have had days we would lose all our games which is around 4) I'm really excited to try out the new clash mode with them and I hope the matchmaking in there is better than in normals (when I tried in beta it sure was) Also I might be a rare case of someone who likes the changes that they are making to the ranked system in season 9 because you would get more out of rankeds than you do today Anyways just wanted to leave this here. Thanks for reading all of my summoner's sincere opinion.
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