1 time only Hextech Gem skins refund

Hello. I will thanks to riots generous daily 10 year gifts finally get 10 gemstones so i can craft a skin. But as a adc main for now i think of kog maw but im not that much of a fan of the champ, so what if in 6months a mf hextech skin comes out which is a champ i really enjoy playing. I will have to work so long to be able to get that skin using 10 gemstones. Sure i could save the 10 i have for future but whos patient enough for that. so my thought is to make a 1 time only refund on hextech skins you crafted like it is in normal store where you get 3 refunds i beleive. I beleive alot of players would enjoy this since even if you play alot and do all events etc it still takes alot of time and luck to get 10 gemstones.

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