Been playing since season 1, from bronze player to diamond. But now i am done. This game sucks.

This thread is my thoughts and my story on this game. First off : Tank-Ekko top lane 58% win ratio. AP-Ekko midlane 49% win ratio. makes sense, right ? I thought riot released ekko as a mage-ap champion. Since the juggernaut patch and especially since preseason 6, this game is getting out of control. Riot wanted to change it because "they didnt want the game to get boring and they didnt want their fans to lose interest in it" so they decided to make drastic random changes in the game which they would be following with balance patches. And since then they keep changing masteries, items, abilities, stats, damages, turrets, minions, the entire game trying to balance it but with no results. graves has been nerfed. yeah. i see no difference at all. he is still broken. devourer has been nerfed many times. xin "nerfed". yeah. they are still not balanced. and more... Also, since late season 4, something got into riot's mind and they started changing this game into a less mechanical-skillful game. they started it by nerfing all assassins. then they start making changes that favor noobs. they buffed teleport and they nerfed the gold/experience you get from kills. if you went top with ignite and you killed your opponent, by the time you would get back to lane he would already have more experience from you because with his teleport he wouldnt miss any minion waves, but you would lose one. so they endorsed the usage of teleport which caused players to start picking champions for farm and not for fights. so top lane became a farm lane. then, after they nerfed every mechanical champion, tanks became op. champions like garen, nautilus and volibear, with zero skill, are just overpowered now. Season 6 is about picking the op champions, a pool of <20 champions. i personally know friends who were bronze in season 3, bronze in season 4, bronze in season 5, and now they are gold by playing graves in any lane/role, by playing garen and volibear top, by playing master yi/xin/jax with rageblade top or devourer jungle. I myself was gold in season 2, platinum in season 3 and diamond 3 for 500 games in season 4, but then when riot started changing the course of this game my downfall started too. stack at diamond 5 for 1000 games in season 5, and now i am high gold-low platinum. My game knowledge is not even compared to the gameknowledge of players in this elo and you cannot imagine how much this frustrates me. Then again i want to play riven top, but i lane vs a nautilous who clearly doesnt know how to play at all, but it doesnt matter. he just spams his abilities on me with e every 1 second dealing more damage than my whole combo while he builds full tank, and even if i have level advantage and i play my whole combo perfectly he still owns me. Anyway, i started playing League of legends in late season 1 and i became a ranked-only-maniac player since season 2. i would play 1000 ranked games per season and less than 50 normal games. at the start i was a bronze noob player stack at elo hell. but game per game i was improving and from bronze in season 2 i became diamond in season 4. i had an ascending course every season. season 2 : started 900 elo ended 1100 elo (high bronze-low siver) ( total 150 ranked games) season 3 : started silver 5, stack there for 200 ranked games, went up to gold 3 in 100 (total 300 ranked games) season 4 : started silver 3 (already was gold-skilled player), then i went platinum 4 (stuck there for 500 games), and then i start climbing again and i went up to diamond 3 in 150 games, just when master tier was introduced. ( total 1500 games that season, 1000 were in mid-diamond) season 5 : i was placed at platinum 1, i went diamond 5, i was stuck at diamond 5 for the whole season 1000 ranked games. Season 6 : placed at platinum 3, perma banned after 50 games (tilted because i couldnt escape plat 3). On my smurf i was platinum 1 in preseason, i was placed in platinum 4 in season 6, and now i am platinum 5 with gold 2 mmr and 100 defeats / 77 wins. The thing is, for the 1st time in the past 4 years, i have now stopped caring about this game. I am 100% disappointed at riot. i had spent the entire season 5 being passive, hoping that the meta would change again or that riot would change the game in a better way. But season 6 was the final blow. I am simply done. ive lost it guys. the passion. riot and LoL let me down big time. I used to be from those players who played only ranked games every single day, seeing normal games as a waste of time. Now, i play LoL only when my friends log in so we play normal games with skype. thats ~8 games per week. Also, its obvious that riot made all these changes because they wanted to address the kids. LoL is a game played mostly from kids. (pegi 12 right). but kids cry and get butthurted when they lose. and then kids flame. so riot nerfs snowballing, nerfs snawball champions and assassins, because in noobs' eyes they are broken and need nerf, because they are bad players and they dont know how to play vs them. then they buff specific items/champions so everyone can play them, gain elo and feel good with themselves believing they are a good players and they are getting better. Earlier seasons champions had a specific lane and role. now everyone can be played in many lanes and many roles. mordekaiser : we dont even know what he is after that trash rework. adc or apc ? and where is he played ? mid top or bot ? Oh what im saying, that rework was so trash that he is not played at all. last time i saw a morde was mid-season 5 and players still didnt know where to play him and how to build him. ekko ? riot you confuse us. u introduce him as apc but now he is only viable as full tank top lane ? fizz! after those nerfs he is now more viable as ad rather than as ap. does that even make sense to you ? graves ? adc, mid, top or jungle ? adc items or tanky/ad ? how can yi build full tank with only one damage item and kill the adc in 1 second ? even katarina, before that last buff on her q, if i had seen 5 katarins, 3 of them were played ad top, one was played mid, and one was troll. akali! same as fizz. tank akali top lane ? the moment you witness pure ap assassins like fizz akali and katarina being played in ranked games as tanky ad in top lane, you realize this game is fucked up big time. But this happened because kids went on forums saying "omg rito plz nerf fizz/katarina/leblanc/akali they so broken omg omg". But its ok everyone. we have our chests and keys now, we have our new champion selection!! yeeeey ^_^_^_^_^, we have new game mods every weekend !!! we have new splash arts with goth annie at last having a smiley face ^_^ because that old was so scary that i wanted to call my mommy :c... yeeeeey!!!! :))) all these new mods! all these new things!! wow i cant w8 to call my friends from school so we play together in dynamic queue !!! we will pick garen top, anivia mid, yi jungle, graves adc and soraka support and we are getting to platinum even if were bronze last season. because we became so good players !!!! wow this game keeps getting better and better !!! ty riot ! ^_^_^_^^_^_^_^ Finally, i cant deny that good things happened since season 4 too. support changes in season 5 (now actually ppl enjoy playing them) and the new champion selection in season 6. But this is progress, its expected. i wish i could go back to those seasons before season 5, and play that game with the new champion selection and the support changes. that would be a great game. it already was more than good. in forums you would see kids crying to nerf assassins, and reasonable ppl saying supports needs changes, champion selection needs change, etc. well, now we got those changes, but riot why would you change this game... noone got bored of it. it was just very good. now it honestly sucks. zero competition. ranked has become a circus. there are players at silver who belong in platinum and players in gold who belong in bronze. it all depends on which champions you are playing. ppl play only to pick the op champs of each patch, get fed, and feel good with themselves... in earlier seasons ranked was solid. Anyway, ive spent too much time on this game to just let go so easy now. i may have stopped playing so much, but i still log in every day and i still read forums. over these 4 years it became part of my life. i guess imm just gonna stay passive, once more, hoping, that someday, someseason (prophecy season 8), this game will become once again fun, balanced, and competitive. peace out.
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