PAX West 2018

So according to riot sexism against male cannot be possible. Apparently i have been a huge asshole to all the women in my life. Daniel Z Klein believes men are over represented in gaming, but let me ask you this: What is your definition of representation? Do you seriously believe that companies go out of their way to simply only represent men in gaming? or is it no because majority of gamers, especially professional gamers, are male? You also say that men are way more privileged then women. I would like you to tell me some of these privileges that i have. You also claim that it is possible that sexism can be fixed by being sexist, (which also contradicts your other statement where men cannot be targets of sexism but lets ignore this for now), which makes no sense at all since you even said in this statement that you have to be sexist towards men, which last i checked, is still sexism.

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