Who is your favorite champion and why?

I created this thread cuz its rlly interesting to see what people like to play and to know why. Last season I was silver 4 and I carried myself to gold V as orianna. After that I used Sion(one trick) to reach platin 1 after reaching platin 1 I dropped to plat V (TEAMMATES NOOB **** joke ^^). I was going to drop to gold 1 again but then I found out that shaco is rlly fun to play and that this champion gives u so many options.(Counter jungling and stuff) I did it to dia V from silver 4 in 1 season now on this season after a long break I got back to plat V trying to reach diamond again. I love to play Nidalee at the moment. Whats your favorite champion at the moment and why? If you want to tell something do it now. Greetings Don
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