Deprived of my free speech on the boards

So recently checked into my boards profile after a long time and saw one of my posts getting removed. The reason is said to be "low-effort" and "non-constructive", but it really was just hate. I've seen posts with way less effort put into them. When it comes to constructivism, I've stopped doing that, after got hated and downvoted to oblivion for simple harmless ideas many times before on this board. But i just cant blame the mods, after all, this post got so much hate and downvotes from this community, that they had no option but to remove it. So what do you say guys of this precious community and mods of the boards, should I remake the post with "effort" and "constructivism" put into it, or should I avoid representing an unpopular and controversial opinion, as nowadays thats equal of being a criminal. Looking foreward to your answers, and have a great day!
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