Riot fix acc name changer thing

So i wanted to change my name from my account..and since i like to play rengar, i´d go for a name that actually fits that but, unfortunnely, a guy has a name thats is close to that one like imagine : I wanted to make a name like this : R.E.N.G.A.R. Theres a guy with the name : Rengar (and it wont let choose that one somehow) theyre not colse at all..cmon riot Other example : BewareTheBush (the actual one i wanted ) (pls dont steal..i came up wit hthe name so i´d rly like that no1 would steal it plis) Theres a guy with: BEWARE THE BUSH (...) cmon riot wtf So riot please fix that because im sure a lot of ppl out there trying to change names and they just cant use it cuz of the letter size or even´s unfair

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