What am I doing wrong?

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I deal way more damage than whoever u want in 95% of my games, and my teammates deal way less damage than anyone in enemy team 90% of all games. Why the %%%% are silver matchmaking system so bad? Why am I all the times playing vs. smurfs? What am I doing wrong?! Most of my games, my teammates have 14-15 deaths? I feel no difference between silver 3 and diamond 4 nowadays... Everyone in enemy team plays way too good in EUW or there are waaaaaaaaaay too many smurfs in euw... what is the point of playing league of legends when you literally have to spend millions of years to finally get out of silver 2-d4 elo Edit: 1 week later, I finally got rid of smurfs and easily climbed my way to gold 4 with 85% winrate from silver II. I Knew it was just bad players that kept me stuck in Silver II. XD
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