Reformed Thresh Build

I have around 2000~ Thresh games for those who want to know how reliable my opinion is. And if you still need more convincing here is an [old clip.]( I may not be challenger or master, but i do know what I'm doing. I want to keep this as short as possible, but i can explain everything to so much detail, but i don't think people will be willing to listen to me for that long because I'm a nobody. So after hitting a huge bump a couple weeks back, I had no idea how I could give more than I already was in the games i was losing. I took a break, looked for influences and this is my findings. Right now this is the best Thresh build out there: 1. Sightstone 2. CDR boots + homeguards 3. Face of the Mountain 4. Locket 5. Thornmail 6. Conditional: Righteous Glory > Mikeals > Banshee > Warmogs >= Randuin This is so so so much more efficient from previous builds, you are saving so much gold and on top of that you are getting more from it. I did the math and it is silly to not be getting these items, considering how little gold you get on support. [For a build path I would like to highlight this game, because we had a afk mid for 10mins and I was able to play a perfect game.]( [Here is another i played this morning, if that crutch doesn't make up for it being a normal. This is ranked]( Randuin's and Frozen heart just aren't acceptable anymore, they cost to much, their build paths are weak. You don't need the actives because you are already full of cc. Previously with Frozen heart, there was actually a large junk of the game in which you fell out of the game until you hit this powerspike. Mobis, yes they have their own advantage, but **you need to be hitting your cdr powerspike in respect with your Q max**. You can't be waiting for later on in the game for when you have the big cdr items. Also with the tank meta coming up because of the new jungle, fights are going to be longer and you cant afford to be sitting on an item which is doing nothing for you. You are a support you need to be squeezing out as much as you can with the little gold you have, especially in the late game where people are going to have more items than you. Righteous Glory I will only consider as a last item and I only get it for the mana so i am able to stay in fights late game. Homeguards makes it so you are constantly basing and being all over the map creating pressure and doing this will replenish you mana pool, so mana items before this point are useless. The HP and active from it is only a bonus. My Thresh has hit a whole new level and [I just feel sorry for the people who are in my way from getting diamond.]( And I do not mind if you agree or disagree, input will only help me improve even further. I have done my research and testing and this checks out. Thank you for reading, i hope this can help you as it has helped me.
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