Does anyone else sees a trend where riot balances the game for casual players?

They openly stated that they will do less mini-games or overly complex champions, who have some kind of in-build mechanic where all players can participate in. They continuously nerf champions with "too difficult" counterplay or ease the skill floor of others. Best Example being Alistar, Skarner, Fiora, Kindred, Illaoi, Rek´sai Alistar -> easier W+Q combo Skarner -> Mini-Dominion where everyone can conquer them Kindred -> Denying Stacks by taking marked camps too difficult -> has been nerfed Illaoi -> Whole Vessel thing which they will nerf in the next few patches to make it less "frustrating" Fiora -> Way to difficult to play against with the vital point passive ->getting nerfed No i dont defend tank fiora which is a spawn of hell, but playing around such a mechanic should be a skill you gain to climb. Rek´sai -> Tunnels being a one-sided mechanic, where Riot somehow assumes its too much of a hasle for other players to participate in (destroying them) These are all champions where Riot has stated that they dislike their mechanics as it is not always obvious how to play against it, or to "frustrating" to play against or to difficult to play as. Which i interpret of a way of saying : Well people who have limited experience in this game can not play against them or as them, so instead of letting them gain said experience we prefer listening to their "Pls nerf Rito" threads. What about the core gamers? Who spend a lot of their time to gain experience, create strategies, learn counter-picks. Why is it so difficult to let there be a skil floor where people learn steadily and climb, instead of flattening everything which might create a "frustrating" scenario for casual players? I prefer some kind of challenge, where certain champions ask for special tactics and not the same counterplay consisting of * don´t feed * Dodge skillshots / Ults * Buy Hourglass, Qss Sincerely, Someone seeing the simplification of league with concern
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